New Haven Green & i   |  紐哈芬綠地與我   
wood, tree branch, stake, perforated hardboard & pipe cleaner
dimension Variable

在 NH Green& i 的工作坊中,我透過分享 Green 的歷史故事, 讓小朋友重新認識這熟悉的地方,然後透過對談和不同形式的互動交流,與他們一起發掘 NH Green 的各種可能性,最後分組構思一件放置在 Green 的公共藝術作品。 

最後,我決定揀選四組小朋友的作品放大 6 倍製 作,放大後的尺寸剛好可以讓孩童在裏面坐立玩耍,他們的構想變成 可以讓更多小朋友親身體 驗的作品。在帶動人與人之間的連結互動、尋找戶外公共空間的可塑性以至一點一滴改變當 地 社區的氣氛,使 NHG 變成一個更多人會駐足停留的共享空間。

Working with New Haven public schools, New Haven Green & I enables local students search their voices in the city as they are the designer of their own urban playground- New Haven Green. In Debe-led workshops, Students in different grade levels will pair up and develop small models by applying material supported by Eli-Whitney Museum. Presentations and discussion will also carry out afterwards aiming at selecting the best of the best model in each school. 

As a facilitator, Debe will fine-tune and enlarge six times of selected models by wood and have these sculptural installation exhibit at Pop-Up Festivals and on the New Haven Green during the International Festival of Arts and Ideas. The enlarged installations not just invite audience in the community to play and experience inside the model, Debe also prepare wooden parts for audience's on-site improvisational engagement.

  Musical Chair   |    樂椅    
Steel and tubing
Dimension Variable

  Drifting in the Pool   |    人在江湖          
Sound installation
Dimension variable

在讀碩士期間所造的一項 site specific 的作品 (作品指導老師: 莊藝勤及黃麗貞)

A site specific project that I did in my master study (Mentor: Prof. John Aiken & Ms. Fiona Wong) 

   The 3rd Party  |   第三者     
Steel, mirrors and plastic pads
1850 x 1750 x 3270 mm

人際關係是如斯的無影無形。一段關係就像生物的循環,經歷獨有的開始,再漸漸走到盡頭。藉著鍍鋅管,鏡子和墊的合成,<第三者>讓觀眾置身 其中感受那貼身卻又無法抓緊的人際關係。

這裝置分成三個階段,寫實的記錄一段關係的變化。在第一階段,是一種視點,一種關係的表現。兩人分席而座,靠光 的折射可以轉折的看到對方,而我們眼中的光正是彼此的距離。那可移動的椅子是第二階段,這抽象的關係闡述了兩人 如何認識、建立及延伸著關係,甚至是對立與分離。

最後一組可說是藝術家的自白:我們都是獨個兒來獨個兒離開,坐在裝置中獨剩自己⋯⋯觀者同時能看見的零碎殘影, 希望參與者能自我反思人與人之間溝通的方式。

<The 3rd Party>is an interactive installation that incorporates galvanized zinc pipes with mirrors and pads. The devoted passion in communicating with the audience has definitely taken root in <The 3rd Party>. It is expected that the audience will actually be inside the ‘experience’. No longer will they play the ‘game’, they are the ‘game’. One of the cool things is that, despite the self, participants can connect and communicate with others simultaneously. There could be several users inside the installation simultaneously.

Human relationships are intangible. They normally exist in our mind. Interpersonal-relationship is whatever we imagine it to be. <The 3rd Party> proceeds to the artistic investigation of intangible human relationships and it brings the imagination out into the real world so it becomes part of the physical reality.

  Imitate   |    模仿   
Video documentation
4 minutes 31 seconds
Click to watch the video : 模仿Imitate


An installation testing piece on interactivity

( video still capture )

( video still capture )