Mat6 Gwai1 Yun4 Jyu2    |   物歸原主   
Steel and wood

History is reincarnation. It repeats, changes and touches human soul. I am so pleased to live in one and become part of it. Current global political situation fluctuates without rules, only facts; no patterns, only preferences; no sequences, only prejudice. “Prophecy” comes from today’s happenings. At this very moment, I insist on believing the existence of the certain fact, for instance, interpersonal relationship. Mat6 Gwai1 Yun4 Jyu2 is my vainly attempt towards the eternal time.




   Stay Tuned with    |   保持某個狀態    
2400 x 3600 x 700 mm


A sculpture that I made during the Artist-in-residency in Lingnan University, HK.

    Rainbow Series II   |    彩虹系列 II    
Dimension variable

<彩虹系列II> 嘗試讓陌路人玩著來打破沉默!

Let’s break the ice, strangers!
Rainbow Series II is a series of seven metal sculptures in bright rainbow colors. In each structure, two chairs are structured facing each other with elongated and connected arcs on the top. The work alludes to the local children playground facilities and also encourages adults to retrieve their childhood memories. In this regard, the rainbow chairs derive from memories serve as a tool for enhancing communication and interaction between two strangers. While audiences enjoy their conversation with each other, they also complete Rainbow Series II.

   Rainbow Series I- Orange Rocking Chair  |    彩虹系列I - 橙色搖椅    
1225 x 225 x 800 mm


Still remember we used to make friends easily in the playground when we were little?
If so, since when we become that person who starts to think about gives and takes?

  Musical Chair   |    樂椅    
Steel, tubing
Dimension Variable

   THE 3rd PARTY   |    他        
Steel, mirrors, plastic pads
1850 x 1750 x 3270 mm





<The 3rd Party>is an interactive installation that incorporates galvanized zinc pipes with mirrors and pads. The devoted passion in communicating with the audience has definitely taken root in <The 3rd Party>. It is expected that the audience will actually be inside the ‘experience’.  No longer will they play the ‘game’, they are the ‘game’. One of the cool things is that, despite the self, participants can connect and communicate with others simultaneously. There could be several users inside the installation simultaneously.

 Human relationships are intangible. They normally exist in our mind. Interpersonal-relationship is whatever we imagine it to be. <The 3rd Party> proceeds to the artistic investigation of intangible human relationships and it brings the imagination out into the real world so it becomes part of the physical reality.