Debe Sham is a Hong Kong-born artist who re-imagines the forms of community and community-building, with a particular focus on the nature of human relationships. She has developed various projects aimed at re-thinking the co-creation of the atmosphere, such as the Rainbow Series (2013-15), sculptures designed to break the ice and energize the viewers in the form of playground equipment; New Haven Green & i (2016-18), installations co-produced with the Yale Urban Design Workshop, the Eli Whitney Museum and four New Haven public schools to engage locals and explore 'what if 'situations in the parks; Broken Toes (2022), interactive works presented by Grotto Fine Art where viewers are invited to explore their surroundings like newborns propelling themselves forward with their feet before they learn to walk. She also explores techniques in sculpturing, including metalsmithing and lost-wax/sand casting, incorporating pieces from her toy collection and utilizing brass in other series like City & Its Toy (2022-) and Lucky Windmill (2022-).

Debe is the recipient of a number of grants, including the Lingnan DADI Art Fellowship(2015), the HKETO Yale-China Art Fellowship (2017-18), the Inside Burger Collection (2019), the Tai Kwun AIR (2021). She has also been invited to local and international exhibitions, such as the International Festival of Arts & Ideas(2018), Pop-up Art Festival (2018), Art Basel (2020-22), Fine Art Asia(2021-22) and the University Museum & Art Gallery (2023). Debe is currently a Ph.D. candidate researching participatory practice in Chinese contexts at the School of Creative Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. 

Debe holds a bachelor's and master's degree in visual art. She is Debe is currently a Ph.D. candidate researching participatory practice in Chinese contexts while serving as a board member in 1a space and a part-time lecturer. 

岑愷怡是一位生於香港的藝術家。她的作品主要探索社群的概念、起源,以及人與人之間的關係。 她最近參與的藝術項目包括:「彩虹系列」(2013-15)旨在建立一個「玩」的場域,促進觀眾之間的交流;「紐黑文綠地與我」(2016-18)則與耶魯大學城市設計工作室、伊萊·惠特尼博物館和紐黑文四所學校共創一系列的城市家具,邀請群眾一起探討公共空間的發展及其可能性;在嘉圖現代藝術畫廊展出的「Broken Toes」(2022)為成人學行車,讓觀眾再次體會孩童在學會走路前,用腳掌推動自己探索四周。「城市及其玩具」和「幸運風車」等其他系列,運用了黃銅和她的玩具收藏,融合金屬加工和失蠟/砂鑄造的方法,探索傳統及當代雕塑的技術。

她曾參加本地及國際駐場藝術家計劃及展覽,如香港嶺南大學駐校藝術家計劃、美國耶魯大學和香港經濟貿易辦事處(紐約)頒發雅禮藝術獎助金、美國紐黑文國際藝術與創意節、Inside Burger Collection、大館駐場藝術家計劃、巴塞爾藝術展及典亞藝博等。作品多為機構及私人收藏。

她接受視覺藝術(學士及碩士學位)的訓練。 現居於香港,攻讀博士研究生,任兼職講師及 1a 空間董事會成員。